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People can be great competitors on Sunday and mates on Monday. ---->>>

I'm not always going to keep waiting for a fairytale ending. ---->>>

I'm very thoughtful, and when I make a decision I usually stick to it. ---->>>

I have broken my collarbone twice in a year. ---->>>

I've always known there's more to life than just racing for a long time. ---->>>

I'm good at separating my personal life from racing. When I'm at track, it's race time; when I'm away from it, other than the fact I'm training to be fit for it, there is nothing at home that makes me even want to think about racing. I just want to enjoy my life, and by the time the next race comes around, I'm ready and excited for it. ---->>>

Even in motocross, you're struggling to see people pass each other anymore. There seems to be one line in motocross. ---->>>

Even now with the operation, with the damage done, my ankle probably is never going to be back to 100 per cent. ---->>>

Everyone seems quite good at stories and making them up. ---->>>

I can only do what I can do. ---->>>

I think I don't really have any expectations; I don't look at the season as a whole - I look at it race by race. ---->>>

There are a lot of good guys that I race against, and that's what I enjoy the most. ---->>>

Once I decided to retire from bikes, there was no thought to go racing again. I wanted to have a full year off and maybe even see the world a bit. ---->>>

People are telling me I might be going back to MotoGP, but a rumour is a rumour. ---->>>

The money doesn't interest me. I'm not enjoying MotoGP, and I'm retiring. ---->>>

Being married has helped my racing. ---->>>

I have been going from one racetrack to another for years, since I was 14. ---->>>

I have been interested in V8s for a long time. ---->>>

I never really look too far ahead, to be honest. ---->>>

In 2007, people tried to belittle me a little bit and sort of take the credit away from me and my team and what we achieved. ---->>>

I think there is no defending a title. You don't go into a season with a points advantage over anyone. So I don't think it's ever a title defence. I think you've got a different number on your bike, if you choose so, but everyone starts at zero again. ---->>>

I've said many times in the past that my career's not going to go on much longer; I'm not going to keep going and riding until I'm in my 30s and things like this. ---->>>


Nationality: Australian
Born: 10-16, 1985
Occupation: Athlete

Casey Joel Stoner, AM, (born 16 October 1985 in Southport, Queensland, Australia) is a retired Australian professional motorcycle racer, and a two-time MotoGP World Champion, in 2007 and 2011. Stoner currently serves as a test and development rider for Ducati. Born in Southport, Queensland, Australia, Stoner raced from a young age and moved to the United Kingdom to pursue a racing career (wikipedia)