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I always had a soft spot for Sherlock Holmes and used to imagine helping him out. ---->>>

There's nothing quite as exciting or moving as the very finest literary non-fiction. ---->>>

I'm not a risk-taker; that's probably why I write - because when you're easily bored, but you don't like taking risks, you end up doing it all in your head. ---->>>

I was always told you're not going to make much money from writing. You can actually do it. Now I've built a really good, big house out of words. ---->>>

I write books for all age groups - young kids, teenagers and adults - because I get a range of different ideas. ---->>>

I'm a very nervy kind of person, who finds it almost impossible to relax. ---->>>

In primary school, I was bored witless by Australian history. ---->>>

The fact that I ended up married to a decent man is still a source of amazement to me, thanks to 'The Women's Room.' ---->>>

When you're a dweeb, when you're really young, it stands out. But as everybody gets older and more conservative, it's not an issue any more. ---->>>

I was lucky enough to be a child during the renaissance of Australian children's literature, when people like Ivan Southall, Colin Thiele, Lilith Norman and Wrightson were pumping out hugely inspiring stuff. ---->>>

Mostly I wanted to be a writer, though for a couple of years there I wanted to be an animator, because I loved drawing and capturing beautiful movements. ---->>>


Nationality: Australian
Born: 06-21, 1963
Occupation: Writer

Catherine Jinks (born 1963) is an Australian writer of fiction books for all age groups. She has won many awards including the Children's Book Council of Australia Book of the Year Award four times, the Victorian Premier's Literary Award, the Aurealis Award for science fiction, the IBBY Australia Ena Noel Encouragement Award, the Adelaide Festival Award, and the Davitt Award for crime fiction (wikipedia)