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I'd like to be reincarnated as a French tart. They're so beautiful and delicate - they're like my opposite. I'm more of a comfort food: goat cheese with garlic.

I'd like to be reincarnated as a French tart. They're so beautiful and delicate - they're like my opposite. I'm more of a comfort food: goat cheese with garlic.

Food can be mean to me, but I love it anyway. ---->>>

I like Instagram - I love pictures, I just don't take them very often. ---->>>

I'm not high maintenance, and I'm not into a highly manicured man. I don't want to see a lot of hair product. ---->>>

I think of myself as kind of a hippy. Everyone around me says that's not the impression they get. They think I'm sassy. Apparently, I think I'm nicer than I really am. ---->>>

I love people who aren't embarrassed. I'm always embarrassed, so it's always astonishing to me when people aren't like that. ---->>>

I was voted funniest person in my middle-school yearbook. So I guess I was funny in middle school? ---->>>

People have confused playing devil's advocate with being intelligent. ---->>>

You have to put work into relationships to keep them fun. ---->>>

I always feel the most validated and confident being around people that I find funny - having Fred Armisen laugh at a scene or Bill Hader or Seth Meyers give me a compliment. ---->>>

I've never been an impressionist. I was doing Sofia Vergara and Elizabeth Dole. I'm sometimes so low-confidence and self-aware, so characters that are confident and ignorant and wrong are my favorite. ---->>>

My drama instructor suggested I try comedy. I was resistant at first because I considered myself a serious actor, but of course I fell in love with it. ---->>>

My parents are really funny. Laughter was a big part of my childhood. Of course, they tell a lot of bad jokes - but so do I. I tell a lot of bad jokes. ---->>>

I actually graduated from the Chicago Academy for the Arts. I think John Cusack did as well. ---->>>

I do Twitter, but I'm still not great on it - I'm not good at writing short little jokes, so my Twitter's not really a jokey thing. ---->>>

I grew up on 'S.N.L.,' doing all the sketches on the playground. ---->>>

I'm generally happier and more easy going when it's warm outside. ---->>>

It sounds so cliched, but I've always been kind of different. I always liked being around weird kids. ---->>>

There's so much more bad information than good information out there - everybody's got something to say and it's usually wrong. ---->>>

When I write on 'SNL,' I've found I'm most productive while collaborating and joking with friends and not being firmly attached to any one idea. ---->>>

There have been some terrible winters in Chicago, where it feels like I'm literally being punched in the face, and everyone walks around looking stunned like they've just witnessed a murder. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 02-08, 1984
Occupation: Comedian

Cecily Legler Strong (born February 8, 1984) is an American actress, voice actress, and comedian, known as a cast member of Saturday Night Live, having joined the show in 2012.(wikipedia)