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If Mr. Ware does not want republican laborers on his plantation, let him pay them in full for the time contracted for, and they will leave his plantation at once. ---->>>

If he wants their labor, let them go to work, without regard to politics. ---->>>

If the planters carry politics into the fields they will find it bad business. ---->>>

Mr. Ware has no right to discharge any of his laborers on account of their political opinion. ---->>>


Charles E. Merrill profile (charles-e-merrill.jpg)
Nationality: American
Born: October 19, 1885
Birthplace: Green Cove Springs, Florida, U.S.
Die: 10-06, 1956
Occupation: Businessman

Charles Edward Merrill (October 19, 1885 – October 6, 1956) was an American philanthropist, stockbroker and co-founder, with Edmund C. Lynch of Merrill Lynch & Company (previously called Charles E. Merrill & Co.).(wikipedia)