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We are all dwellers on this one small earth; we live one life, die one death; we have the same difficulties to contend with; we ought in common to fight the foes of ignorance and wrong. ---->>>

The Nobel Prize is without doubt the highest honour, the most coveted honour, which can be bestowed on a scientist. ---->>>

When X-rays traverse matter of any kind, this matter becomes a source of a radiation similar in character to that of the primary radiation falling upon it. ---->>>

The process of radiation may be, and is, continuous - at any rate within limits extending to far smaller quantities than the quantum. ---->>>

As an Englishman, permit me now to say with what pleasure I learnt of the election of Professor Planck and Professor Stark to the Nobel Prizes for the years 1918 and 1919. ---->>>

It seems to me that the Swedish Academy of Science may be qualifying for the Nobel Peace Prize. It recognises no nationality; it discourages unworthy national feeling and prejudice. ---->>>


Charles Glover Barkla profile (charles-glover-barkla.jpg)
Nationality: British
Born: June 7, 1877
Die: 10-23, 1944
Occupation: Physicist

Charles Glover Barkla FRS FRSE (7 June 1877 – 23 October 1944) was a British physicist, and the winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1917 for his work in X-ray spectroscopy and related areas in the study of X-rays (Roentgen rays).(wikipedia)