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I've always been a fan of country music. It's America's music - I love the songs, love the lyrics. ---->>>

With Martha Stewart, the power of the brand, the power of television, taught me that if you can marry all those ingredients - like you marry a great song with a great artist - and get the right television exposure, then you've got something that really is going to be sustainable. You can expand and blow up. ---->>>

I've always had an interest in the fashion side of pop culture. ---->>>

When you're a music celebrity, your fans are used to spending money on you. They go to your shows. They want to look like you. They want to be like you. You become part of their life. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 03-30, 1940
Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York
Occupation: Musician

Charles Koppelman (born March 30, 1940) is a musician, music producer, and businessman. He has held executive positions at EMI and Steve Madden, and he is former Chairman of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. He is currently CEO of CAK Entertainment.(wikipedia)