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You can go online now and find really thoughtful, in-depth, considered, well-informed communities around virtually any issue. If it's your issue, there are now new ways of mobilising knowledge that weren't there before. There are real bodies of significant knowledge on the web that are valuable that we haven't done nearly enough with. ---->>>

People may be prepared to buy services from Apple and Amazon if they feel these companies do a good job, but we need to ensure that we can speak up when our content is used by other people for their profit. An activist amateur culture will constantly challenge and say, 'This is mine, you're not doing that with it.' ---->>>

In the developing world, people often use quite basic technology. Many of the most imaginative schemes are using what we'd count as old tech. ---->>>

If you create open technology that people can use, adapt and play with, it builds capability and they teach themselves. ---->>>


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Nationality: British
Occupation: Author