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I had the opportunity of making necropsies on patients dead from malignant fever and of studying the melanaemia, i.e., the formation of black pigment in the blood of patients affected by malaria. ---->>>

In 1878, after having finished my course of instruction at the School of Military Medicine of Val-de-Grace, I was sent to Algeria and put in charge of a department of the hospital at Bone. A large number of my patients had malarial fevers, and I was naturally led to study these fevers, of which I had only seen rare and benign forms in France. ---->>>

In 1880 at the Military Hospital at Constantine, I discovered, on the edges of the pigmented spherical bodies in the blood of a patient suffering from malaria, filiform elements resembling flagellae which were moving very rapidly, displacing the neighbouring red cells. ---->>>

In the tropical and subtropical regions, endemic malaria takes first place almost everywhere among the causes of morbidity and mortality, and it constitutes the principal obstacle to the acclimatization of Europeans in these regions. ---->>>


Charles Louis Alphonse Laveran profile (charles-louis-alphonse-la.jpg)
Nationality: French
Born: June 18, 1845
Die: 05-18, 1922
Occupation: Scientist

Charles Louis Alphonse Laveran (18 June 1845 – 18 May 1922) was a French physician who won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1907 for his discoveries of parasitic protozoans as causative agents of infectious diseases such as malaria and trypanosomiasis. Following his father, Louis Théodore Laveran, he took up military medicine as profession (wikipedia)