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The thing that's funny is that everyone thinks I'm dead.

The thing that's funny is that everyone thinks I'm dead.

Just get a bag and drop a dream in it, and you'll be surprised what happens. ---->>>

My friends are very rich. Elizabeth Taylor sends flowers the size of the bathtub. I'm not kidding. ---->>>

Because I was an only child, I don't like many people around, and that's why I don't have any servants. ---->>>

Everyone should have hair. When you get dressed up, you must do that last whip of hair spray, or life's not worth living. ---->>>

I live at the dentist's. I'm on my third set of teeth that they put in with nails and screws. ---->>>

I was 24 yesterday. Suddenly you wake up, and you get on the elevator, and there's a mirror there. And you look in the mirror, and you're an old man. ---->>>

If I make $30,000 a month, I'll spend $29,999. I tell friends, 'Oh, you need money to go to college?' I'm a little crazy, but the backwash is heaven. ---->>>

It's fun to get a message on the phone service that Lucille Ball or Burt Reynolds called, and play it very blase by asking, 'Anyone else?' ---->>>

When I die, it's going to read, 'Game Show Fixture Passes Away.' Nothing about the theater, or Tony Awards, or Emmys. But it doesn't bother me. ---->>>

You can't do anything else once you do game shows. You have no career. ---->>>

A voice in my head tells me that I'm at the twilight of an extraordinary life. I say extraordinary because of the people who have loved me. I say twilight because of what people say to me in the supermarket. ---->>>

Capricorns like to stay in one place. I have to go to work in places like New York, but basically, I don't want to go anywhere. One time, I got a trip around the world for doing something on television, and the travel agent was so excited, I gave her the tickets. ---->>>

If you ever get injured or have an asthma attack, the last words you get out are, 'Sammy Davis suite, please.' That's, like, three rooms on the eighth floor of Cedars-Sinai. ---->>>

If you're entering a room for the first time, do it the way you would in life - look around; see how they have the furniture arranged. If your character is meeting another character for the first time, meet them the way you would in life. ---->>>

Opera is full of trappings that make us go away from being human. You can't let them do that. You can't walk like you're in an opera! You have to make it real. You have to just be there. ---->>>

The favorite thing I like to do is nothing. I'm such an expert at doing nothing. I have a boat. I make training films for the Coast Guard. I listen to a great deal of opera. ---->>>

We have to make sure what we're doing is true - true as in life and not as in opera. The only things we have to do that with are our instruments. We don't take them out of a case; we are our instruments. And if we do anything that isn't true, we hurt our communication to the audience. Use the librettist's words, but make them about yourself. ---->>>


Charles Nelson Reilly profile (charles-nelson-reilly.JPG)
Nationality: American
Born: 01-13, 1931
Birthplace: South Bronx, New York, U.S.
Die: 05-25, 2007
Occupation: Actor

Charles Nelson Reilly II (January 13, 1931 – May 25, 2007) was an American actor, comedian, director, and drama teacher, known for his comedic roles on stage and in films, children's television and cartoons, and as a game show panelist.(wikipedia)