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From the beginning of our history the country has been afflicted with compromise. It is by compromise that human rights have been abandoned. ---->>>

The age of chivalry has gone; the age of humanity has come. ---->>>

The true grandeur of humanity is in moral elevation, sustained, enlightened and decorated by the intellect of man. ---->>>

No true and permanent fame can be founded except in labors which promote the happiness of mankind. ---->>>

I have never known a man who was sensual in his youth, who was high-minded when old. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: January 6, 1811
Die: March 11, 1874
Occupation: Politician

Charles Sumner (January 6, 1811 – March 11, 1874) was an American politician and United States Senator from Massachusetts. As an academic lawyer and a powerful orator, Sumner was the leader of the anti-slavery forces in Massachusetts and a leader of the Radical Republicans in the U.S. Senate during the American Civil War working to destroy the Confederacy, free all the slaves, and keep on good terms with Europe (wikipedia)