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When the whistle blew and the call stretched thin across the night, one had to believe that any journey could be sweet to the soul. ---->>>

It was a perfect night for a train. The occasional whistle told Louis of all the farewells he had ever known. ---->>>

Not until he stood at the altar did he achieve a sense of being hale and furnished. It was strange, he thought, that a man would find his surest current in the spot where he felt least worthy. ---->>>


Nationality: English
Born: July 4, 1808
Die: April 25, 1879
Occupation: Poet

Charles Tennyson Turner (4 July 1808 – 25 April 1879) was an English poet. Born in Somersby, Lincolnshire, he was an elder brother of Alfred Tennyson; his friendship and the "heart union" with his greater brother is revealed in Poems by Two Brothers (1829). Another poet brother was Frederick Tennyson (wikipedia)