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I don't talk about my politics. I am registered as an independent. ---->>>

I'm an only child, so I don't even have nieces or nephews. ---->>>

The question is just as important as the answer. ---->>>

I was an only child of a father who loved me deeply, but we didn't play catch, even though I was an athlete. We didn't go fishing or hunting or any of the things I wanted to do. Why not? He just didn't do that. ---->>>

The alarm rings 4:45, again at 5, but I wake up 4:30 naturally. Shower, shave, orange juice, perk my own coffee, hear the news, and the CBS car arrives 5:30. ---->>>

My parents had a great work ethic. ---->>>

I would love to have a long and serious conversation with the Pope. And Woody Allen, whom I have never interviewed. Then, after those two? Steve Jobs. ---->>>

Nighttime, in a nanosecond, asleep by 10:30. No chance I'll get through the day without two naps. Before noon, around 11 A.M. I catch 30 minutes. Living not far from CBS is perfect because afternoons I go home for another. ---->>>

It would be wonderful to become what Oprah has become: she is in such a class of her own, as an entrepreneur, as a performer and an icon. The idea of building a series of programmes and choosing people that I think have talent to do them would be a very interesting idea. I would love to show that television can have soul, depth and range. ---->>>

I would've been intrigued by being a film director. I would've been intrigued by politics. I thought about architecture. ---->>>

If I was madly in love with someone who offered the opportunity to spend our lives together, I would love to have a child or adopt a child. ---->>>

Richard Serra, the great sculptor, personifies an artist for me. ---->>>

There's a great appetite for smart television. Every day I get up and there are interesting stories I want to do. ---->>>

When I think about athletes, probably my favorite guest of all time among baseball players was Ted Williams. ---->>>

The great regret of my life is that I didn't have children. ---->>>

The person I've always wanted to interview but never met was Richard Burton. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 01-05, 1942
Birthplace: Henderson, North Carolina, U.S.
Occupation: Journalist

Charles Peete "Charlie" Rose, Jr. (born January 5, 1942) is an American television talk show host and journalist. Since 1991, he has hosted Charlie Rose, an interview show distributed nationally by PBS since 1993. Rose has also co-anchored CBS This Morning since 2012. Rose also substitutes for CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley when Pelley is off or on assignment (wikipedia)