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Common folk didn't have last names in the 8th and 9th centuries. ---->>>

Providing a writer isn't put off by conventions - and some are - attending them can be a nice break from the necessary isolation of writing. ---->>>

Storylines are how characters create the plots involved in their stories. ---->>>

Very few editors worry about heresy - their goals are much too commercial, thank goodness. ---->>>

When you're a mid-list writer, it pays to write fast. ---->>>

I outline fairly extensively because I'm usually dealing with real events. I don't need to give myself as much information as I used to, but I still like to have two pages of outline for every projected 100 pages of manuscript. ---->>>

I'm not a good collaborator in general. ---->>>

If they aren't real enough to surprise me, then they aren't real enough to go on the page. ---->>>

Isn't that an odd philosophy for a vampire? ---->>>

I ride horseback - arthritic knees permitting - or listen to opera. Sometimes I cook. I used to do needlework, but it's hard on my hands now, so I only do it occasionally, but I like it. And, of course, I read. ---->>>

I think it is probably more important to attend specialized conventions for a journeyman writer than any other, but it's useful at all stages of a career, if for nothing else, to find out how the industry is working at any given time. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 09-15, 1942
Occupation: Writer

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro (born September 15, 1942) is an American writer. She is known for her series of historical horror novels about the vampire Count Saint-Germain.(wikipedia)