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I don't appreciate Internet cyber bullying at all. It's not fair. With me, it gets hard because I have four children. My 8 year old son reads lies about his father, when I'm his hero. ---->>>

Growing up, my favorite group was New Edition. I loved the opportunity to do the remix to Bobby Brown's song 'Get Away'. I told myself that I would have my own group like New Edition one day. ---->>>

I don't like artists who are actors. I like artists, but I don't believe in that. ---->>>

I have a staff of 12 people, so it's easy for them to handle all the management and the day to day at the company while I'm directing. ---->>>

With 'House Party 4,' I did it with my own money, and I sold it to New Line. ---->>>

With the success of Immature, I wanted to start the group B2K, which ended up being one of the biggest urban boy bands in history. ---->>>

I feel that I will be more of a feature director, and I will go away completely from videos. I want to do features and have written several of them. I'm looking to be more like a Steven Spielberg. ---->>>

It was a pleasure to work with Destiny's Child in the beginning of their career. Working in the studio with Beyonce was a lot of fun. She's an extremely hard worker, perfectionist, and a talented writer. ---->>>


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Nationality: American
Occupation: Producer