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Everyone drinks more during a recession; they want to forget. ---->>>

I am proud of all of the products in the Ed Hardy family. ---->>>

Worst ideas? Me? Whatever do you mean? There are no bad ideas. ---->>>

Obama was 200 percent advertising. I promote myself to sell my brands. Because now I am a kind of celeb. I am in a different world than the fashion industry. I am with Mick Jagger, Michael Jackson, Madonna. I build me as a celebrity. ---->>>

The Ed Hardy man is confident with a strong sense of personal style. He is not afraid to be seen and take risks. He enjoys comfort and flexible style, yet he wants to stand apart from the crowd. ---->>>

With over 70 licensees, not sure if there is much left. Maybe oxygen? Ed Hardy is unique in that we have a broad range of products and something for everyone. ---->>>


Nationality: French
Born: 05-21, 1958
Birthplace: Avignon, France
Die: 2015-07-10
Occupation: Designer

Christian Audigier (French pronunciation: ​[kristjã~ odižje]; born Christian Ginutti, 21 May 1958 – 10 July 2015) was a French fashion designer known for the Ed Hardy and Von Dutch clothing lines.(wikipedia)