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The first principle of child-rearing is to choose a good mother. ---->>>

Home is not where you live, but where they understand you. ---->>>

The hidden child wants to be able to participate and to co-create in art, rather than being simply an admiring viewer. ---->>>


Nationality: German
Born: May 6, 1871
Birthplace: Munich
Die: 03-31, 1914
Occupation: Poet

Christian Otto Josef Wolfgang Morgenstern (6 May 1871 – 31 March 1914) was a German author and poet from Munich. Morgenstern married Margareta Gosebruch von Liechtenstern on 7 March 1910. He worked for a while as a journalist in Berlin, but spent much of his life traveling through Germany, Switzerland, and Italy, primarily in a vain attempt to recover his health (wikipedia)