Chuck Noll short quotes

Good things happen to those who hustle.

Good things happen to those who hustle.

A life of frustration is inevitable for any coach whose main enjoyment is winning. ---->>>

Pressure is something you feel when you don't know what you're doing. ---->>>

The thrill isn't in the winning, it's in the doing. ---->>>

Before you can win a game, you have to not lose it.

Before you can win a game, you have to not lose it.

The key to a winning season is focusing on one opponent at a time. Winning one week at a time. Never look back and never look ahead. ---->>>

The single most important thing we had in the Steelers of the '70s was the ability to work together. ---->>>

The critics are always right. The only way you shut them up is by winning. ---->>>

Never make a major decision based solely on money. ---->>>

Everyone's job is important, but no one is indispensable. ---->>>

It's not pleasant when you lose your whole football team. ---->>>

Losing has nothing to do with geography. ---->>>

Mamas, don't let your sons grow up to be Cowboys... or Oilers. ---->>>

I tried to look around to see what I wanted to do. Football was something I knew the most about. ---->>>

I used to tell the players that professional football is a part-time profession. I used to tell them it gets you ready for your life's work. ---->>>

Some coaches pray for wisdom. I pray for 260-pound tackles. They'll give me plenty of wisdom. ---->>>

I'm really not a celebrity; I'm just a teacher. ---->>>

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