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I'm gullible. I think people mean what they say. ---->>>

'Jurassic World' takes place in a fully functional park on Isla Nublar. It sees more than 20,000 visitors every day. You arrive by ferry from Costa Rica. It has elements of a biological preserve, a safari, a zoo, and a theme park. There is a luxury resort with hotels, restaurants, nightlife and a golf course. And there are dinosaurs. ---->>>

I didn't watch horror movies when I was a kid. I didn't watch any bad movies. ---->>>

I like to believe that intimate moments between characters don't need to be relegated to independent films. ---->>>

I live in Vermont, and we don't have a tax incentive there, and therefore, we don't have professional crew there. ---->>>

I love big movies, and I love big moments. ---->>>

I tell you, man, I'm every bit as a 'Star Wars' fan as anyone else. ---->>>

I think that no relationship goes completely according to plan or the way you wished it had. ---->>>

I think, if you can, it's OK to put something in a movie because it makes you feel good. ---->>>

I was not a kid who watched every movie. I watched a very small number of movies over and over again. ---->>>

I'm a 'Star Wars' kid. I'm a 'Back to the Future' kid. I'm a Spielberg kid. ---->>>

I'm from Oakland and San Francisco, so I feel like the Pacific Northwest starts there and goes north - so, it's home to me. ---->>>

I've said before: 'If you're going to earnestly sing a song around a campfire, you'd better be a Muppet!' Or else we're just not going to buy it. ---->>>

Jake Johnson wanted to make clear that he was the great American actor, not just the funny guy on 'New Girl.' ---->>>

'Jurassic Park' isn't about the bad luck of three people who keep getting thrown into the same situation. ---->>>

Like a lot of people my age, I grew up on Amblin movies. They're a part of who I am as a filmmaker and, arguably, as a person. ---->>>

Nobody wants to make a bad 'Flight of the Navigator' remake. There's just no interest. We're going to do it if it's good. ---->>>

That's the thing about leaks: sometimes they aren't misinterpreted or false. ---->>>

There's no shame in being romantic at all. I think people want to feel that sense of romance, which is rarely even attempted anymore. ---->>>

I feel like we've found an interesting little corner of the sandbox here as far as the way we're telling sci-fi stories. I don't think it's limited to sci-fi - I think anything fantastic can co-exist with people you and I know, and not these hyper-real movie people. ---->>>

I feel like, on a more macro scale, there's started to be a relationship between filmmakers and people who watch their films - you know, on Twitter and on the Internet. ---->>>

I like how you can go back and watch David Lean and John Ford and see the influence that had on Steven Spielberg, especially David Lean, in the camerawork, and yet, you don't watch any Spielberg movie and think of David Lean. Once you're looking for it, you see it all, but it's not in your face. ---->>>

I love the challenge of having one character who is traveling back in time to find someone. Nowadays, the only way we think to find someone is on Facebook. ---->>>

I was re-watching 'E.T.' recently, and that scene where they're all around the pizza, bringing the pizza in, and gambling and stuff together, it's such an amazing tone, it's so rough, and nobody's really talking about anything, and it feels like you're in that room with them. ---->>>

'Jurassic Park' movies don't fit into a specific genre. They're sci-fi adventures that also have to be funny, emotional, and scary as hell. That takes a lot of construction, but it can't feel designed. ---->>>

The best of all kinds of movies are character-driven, and I definitely don't want to lose sight of why Derek and I started to write movies together in the first place. ---->>>

There's no such thing as good or bad dinosaurs. There are predators and prey. The T-Rex in 'Jurassic Park' took human lives and saved them. No one interpreted her as good or bad. ---->>>

We would go back and maybe not say that thing to our dad that we said, or maybe be a little nicer to someone who we cared about and had a relationship with when we were young. You know, they're subtle things, but we carry those with us forever. And I think that regret and time travel are intrinsically linked to me. ---->>>

We've all been disappointed by new installments of the stories we love. But with all this talk of filmmakers 'ruining our childhood,' we forget that right now is someone else's childhood. This is their time. And I have to build something that can take them to the same place those earlier films took us. ---->>>


Colin Trevorrow profile (colin-trevorrow.jpg)
Nationality: American
Born: 09-13, 1976
Birthplace: San Francisco, California, United States
Occupation: Director

Colin T. Trevorrow ( trÉ™-VORR-oh; born September 13, 1976) is an American film director and screenwriter. He is known for directing the indie film Safety Not Guaranteed (2012), the blockbuster film Jurassic World (2015) (which he also co-wrote), and Star Wars: Episode IX, with the latter being slated for a 2019 release (wikipedia)