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Prithee don't screw your wit beyond the compass of good manners. ---->>>

It takes time for the absent to assume their true shape in our thoughts. After death they take on a firmer outline and then cease to change. ---->>>

Thou strange piece of wild nature! ---->>>

You know, one had as good be out of the world, as out of the fashion. ---->>>


Nationality: English
Born: November 6, 1671
Birthplace: Southampton Street, London, England
Die: December 12, 1757
Occupation: Playwright

Colley Cibber (6 November 1671 – 11 December 1757) was an English actor-manager, playwright and Poet Laureate. His colourful memoir Apology for the Life of Colley Cibber (1740) describes his life in a personal, anecdotal and even rambling style. He wrote 25 plays for his own company at Drury Lane, half of which were adapted from various sources, which led Robert Lowe and Alexander Pope, among others, to criticise his "miserable mutilation" of "crucified Molière [and] hapless Shakespeare" (wikipedia)