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Nothing does more to activate Christian divisions than talk about Christian unity. ---->>>

The main thing that endears the United Nations to member governments, and so enables it to survive, is its proven capacity to fail, and to be seen to fail. ---->>>

Man watches his history on the screen with apathy and an occasional passing flicker of horror or indignation. ---->>>

You can safely appeal to the United Nations in the comfortable certainty that it will let you down. ---->>>

Human nature doesn't include all human beings. There are human beings who are indifferent to politics, religion, virtually anything. ---->>>


Nationality: Irish
Born: 11-03, 1917
Die: 12-18, 2008
Occupation: Politician

Conor Cruise O'Brien (3 November 1917 – 18 December 2008) often nicknamed "The Cruiser", was an Irish politician, writer, historian and academic. His opinion on the role of Britain in Ireland and in Northern Ireland changed during the 1970s, in response to the outbreak of The Troubles. He saw opposing nationalist and unionist traditions as irreconcilable and switched from a nationalist to a unionist view of Irish politics and history (wikipedia)