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The young person isn't certain that love can be real; the middle-aged man is only discovering that it is; and the older person seems so sure of it. I was interested in the way that many of us go through the whole of our lives staying with someone just out of complacency, because leaving isn't easy. ---->>>

We know so little of the why, what the universe is, what infinity is. The veil around us is very fragile. ---->>>

I have a theory about Ireland, being at the edge of Europe. For 1,000 years, people didn't know what was beyond. But we thought about it - a lot. And that 'beyond' became internalized in our psyche. ---->>>

I just want the actors to put their faith in the language. Just let the words do the work. ---->>>

I'm living as an artist, and that's a staggering feeling, it's a total luxury. And because you have this amazing chance, with so much freedom, I'm determined to make something that is worth that. I feel this responsibility - to create something that makes an audience feel, which takes them somewhere. But that's very hard to achieve. ---->>>

I'm not a good storyteller - I much prefer to be with people who are chatty, to have the luxury of listening. ---->>>

If I wasn't plagued by needing to write things, that would perhaps be a blessing. ---->>>

I guess I'm attracted and repelled by isolation. It scares me. And it's why I tend to write about older characters, too, because for them the stakes are somewhat higher. ---->>>

I'm anxious about work, the future, friendships, past relationships... I'm just one of those people that, whatever I'm doing, it's a big worry. ---->>>


Nationality: Irish
Born: 08-06, 1971
Birthplace: Dublin, Ireland
Occupation: Playwright

Conor McPherson (born 6 August 1971) is an Irish playwright and director.(wikipedia)