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Beans are such a nice, neutral canvas, you can make a big, basic pot of them and then play around with them differently every day. ---->>>

I like to erase lines between categories. Why separate cookbook writing from writing, healthy from good tasting? I want to be open to possibilities. ---->>>

There is a water soluble sugar that is in beans called oligosaccharides, and they are indigestible by human beings. They ferment during the digestion process, and hence, you have gas. ---->>>

Cooking and eating are among the most important ways we weave days into lives. ---->>>

One of the things I do as a food writer is to take a classic recipe made with meat, look at it a whole lot, and tinker with it according to my taste. ---->>>

To hunger is to be alive and to hope. ---->>>

Writing is how I metabolize life and how I give and receive. ---->>>

First of all, you want to do the soaking with almost all of the larger beans because that will take care of the gas, and second of all... they want to be seasoned and flavored. ---->>>

I always have this sense of food as triangular, in that one point is nourishment, one point is connection, and one point is pleasure, and I always come at it from the pleasure and connection points, and the nourishment follows. ---->>>

I tend to be a person who, when I get interested in something, I get obsessed by it... What happens to me is that I will fall in love with a particular ingredient or a particular dish... Once I make the decision that something has intrigued me enough to draw me in, there is no end to it. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 11-25, 1952
Occupation: Writer

Crescent Dragonwagon (née Ellen Zolotow, November 25, 1952, New York City) is a writer in six different genres, and a workshop leader. She has written fifty traditionally published books, including two novels, seven cookbooks / culinary memoirs, more than twenty children's books, a biography, and a collection of poetry (wikipedia)