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I was named after the great emperor Cyrus as my father, Farokh Broacha, was a great admirer of the Persian emperor. Continuing the tradition, I have named my son after Mikhail Gorbachev, someone whom I admire. He gave his people freedom. ---->>>

Every night, I say goodnight to the kids like Rajesh Khanna, muah muah, two kisses, say goodnight to my wife, and every night, I'd go to the recreation room and watch cricket with two old men. ---->>>

Amongst Indian celebrities, Shah Rukh is a great one to interview. He's a brilliant T.V. anchor, a people person, and enjoys talking. ---->>>

I grew up in Delhi, where there are no Parsis. But once I came to Mumbai, I realised how quirky Parsis are. ---->>>

I have a great desire to serve humanity without ever actually getting off my chair. ---->>>

At the end of the day, I know that I make my living by dressing up, fooling around, playing pranks and giving people a good time. I am enjoying the ride. ---->>>

I don't keep a mobile, I am not computer savvy; I am not on any website. I live like a cave man. ---->>>

My mother thinks I'm a national treasure. She's the only one who thinks my Golden Kela award is the greatest gift ever. ---->>>

Bollywood is a strange world. ---->>>

That is the problem with comedy in India. Spoofing sells. Come up with original comedy about the hilarious nation we are, with funny accents and odd rituals, and we get into trouble. ---->>>

As a test cricket lover, and as a cricket lover, I like all forms of the game. ---->>>

I have no idea how women manage their hair. Seriously. ---->>>

I have the right credentials to be nominated to the Rajya Sabha. ---->>>

That is how our marriage is working so well. My secret of happiness is keeping my contact to the minimum. ---->>>

As much I can stay away from people, I remain happy. ---->>>

I lift quite heavy weights, but unfortunately no one believes me. ---->>>

I realised that a television show on political lampoon was one genre that was missing. ---->>>

Popular and good and bad is not the same thing. ---->>>

The first rule of comedy should be, you must be very lazy. Whoever works should be immediately removed. ---->>>

There's little money in theatre. ---->>>

Unless you are wealthy, you cannot afford to act or direct one play and remain unemployed the rest of the time. ---->>>


Nationality: Indian
Born: 08-07, 1971
Occupation: Entertainer