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Everybody is always going to have haters. It comes with the job. You have to have a tough skin and not let it affect you. ---->>>

If you're a writer, write. You just keep writing. And if you're a filmmaker, you keep doing what you can to keep telling your stories; you don't stay on the one. Keep moving forward and doing what you can to tell whatever story you can tell, be it via writing, be it via filming it. ---->>>

Hollywood used to control the distribution; now Silicon Valley does. ---->>>

Appointment viewing is dead, and I think it is going away. ---->>>

Binge viewing has been around since DVD box sets. ---->>>

I hardly ever go to the movies. ---->>>

I have learned not to feed the trolls. I just don't respond. ---->>>

I would have to be able to come and go as I please. I could not sit in some office. ---->>>

If I had the opportunity to buy the latest movie that's out that month and watch it on the comfort of my big screen TV, I would pay for that. ---->>>

If you give the audience what they want when they want how they want it, they won't steal it. ---->>>

The cars haven't advanced that much since we were kids. When you boil it down, it's still a gas combustion engine. ---->>>

The issue of doing an adaptation of a book is the theater of the mind, and so you always face that. ---->>>

The power lies with content creators now, but if you can't reach people, there's no point. ---->>>

The production value of YouTube videos is not there. ---->>>

There's guys like me who aren't going to the theater, so distributors are leaving money on the table. ---->>>

We all thought we'd have flying cars by now, but we don't. ---->>>

What I find most exciting about online video is that it's the future. ---->>>

When I was starting out and had to cut my teeth and build my resume to get in, I had to basically work for free on a lot of things. ---->>>

When you go in for any life rights, you always ask, 'Who would you have play this person, or who would you have direct?' ---->>>

You can have the best people in the business, but if they're not collaborating - and they're butting heads - then it's all going to go south. ---->>>

You can learn a lot from somebody's video bio: if you're not going to gel with the actor or a crew. ---->>>

You talk about Steve Jobs when he came out with the iPhone, and everyone thought it was amazing: you touch it and move the screen. ---->>>

Between Twitter and Facebook, early word of mouth for a film can destroy it immediately or take something you've never heard of and make it a huge hit. ---->>>

Don't sell credits; don't sell walk-on roles... If people want to back you, they'll back you. But if you have to entice people will walk-on roles and crazy credits, you're undermining yourself. ---->>>

For any book, it's distilling all of the moments in the book that are either fan favorites or pivotal that you have to have in there, and how you tie that all up into a two hour movie is not the easiest job. ---->>>

How we get power, how cars are powered, when the technology and resources to have something that is infinitely better, we still use old-school technology. We're still using that same exact structure. ---->>>

I don't know if I'd do well in a structured, corporate environment. I'm very open. I share everything. I don't care. I don't have anything to hide. I'm very transparent that way. ---->>>

I've got to be out doing a million things. That's how I find stories. That's how I get the relationships and get the projects that I get with the writers, the directors. ---->>>

If you're clever enough and creative enough to get a good film made, then you should be clever enough and creative enough to find ways to get it out there, one being something like Jameson First Shot. ---->>>

It's like everybody is shooting something, and everybody's a filmmaker; everybody can shoot a cat video and post it. So the big thing now is - for people that have talent and have something to say, and are creative, and are capable of making something good - is how do they get attention to it? ---->>>

The future of the television industry is changing at an unstoppable rate, and it is exciting to share my experience and thoughts on how this will change the value of content in the digital space. ---->>>

You can get any film now basically for free, and that's where I think the model we're talking about is - if you give people what they want, how they want it and when they want it, they're more likely to pay for it. ---->>>

You want somebody who's capable of being diverse in the characters they play, and you want a big name that's going to bring attention to the filmmakers and to the project. ---->>>


Dana Brunetti profile (dana-brunetti.jpg)
Nationality: American
Born: 06-11, 1973
Birthplace: Covington, Virginia
Occupation: Producer

Dana Brunetti (born June 11, 1973) is an American film producer and social networking entrepreneur. He is the president of Kevin Spacey's production company, Trigger Street Productions. In 2016, he became the president of Relativity Media with Kevin Spacey taking on a chairman position. Brunetti has been nominated for two Academy Awards for producing The Social Network and Captain Phillips (wikipedia)