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As long as I have ambition, maybe I can achieve something for my country. ---->>>

To be able to live and train in Iraq under these circumstances you need to be brave. ---->>>

Despite all these obstacles and bad security situation, I have the energy and the resolve to train, but my head is full of ideas and it distracts me, and I need to focus. ---->>>

I need one psychological expert to help me concentrate. ---->>>

I'm very ambitious, despite all the challenges I face in the streets. ---->>>

If I leave this sport, I think life will stop. ---->>>

It's my dream, my goal to be good at Olympics, anywhere they are in the world. ---->>>

Life must continue, even with the security situation so bad, because I have ambitions. I love this sport too much. ---->>>

Sports can unify the Iraqi people - no Sunnis, no Shiites, just sport for the country. ---->>>


Dana Hussein profile (dana-hussein.jpg)
Nationality: Iraqi
Born: 01-03, 1986
Birthplace: Baghdad
Occupation: Athlete

Dana Hussain Abdul-Razak Al-Khafaji (born January 3, 1986 in Baghdad) is a sprinter on Iraq's national track and field team, coached by Yousif Abdul-Rahman. Due to the International Olympic Committee ban on Iraq competing at the 2008 Summer Olympics, there were concerns that she might be unable to participate, despite qualifying for the 100- and 200-meter sprint events (wikipedia)