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You have a wide array of people that are watching something, and you cannot please everyone at the same time. Half the people will love it; half the people will hate it. Half the people won't see it. ---->>>

160 million-plus people call themselves Christians. They go to church once a month at least. That's a lot of people. ---->>>

Coming to Hollywood at 19 and living in a single apartment with one other guy on Venice Beach was a massive contrast to my upbringing. ---->>>

Growing up in a Mennonite background, there's not much media. ---->>>

I don't think it's any mystery that any Christians can be some of the most judgmental people on the planet. ---->>>

I saw one movie in theatres in the first 18 years of my life. ---->>>

I think there is always an ebb and flow in Hollywood about what is current. ---->>>

I want to live my life the way Jesus does - I want to love people. ---->>>

I wear this label of a Christian filmmaker proudly. ---->>>

If you can make a living doing what you love, that is a blessing. ---->>>

Mennonites are very conservative. They don't drink, dance, smoke, go to movies. I grew up in a very conservative faith-based community. ---->>>

'Old Fashioned' can expect strong interest because it taps into a universal human longing. ---->>>

Probably from, like, my freshman year of high school, I had this desire to perform and also be involved in the show business industry. ---->>>

The Lord, over the years, grew a seed in my heart to make faith-based films. ---->>>

We have a lot of relationships to the gatekeepers who can rally their people to go to the movie theater. It's a trusting relationship. ---->>>

We partner with movies that stand for more than the latest bestseller. ---->>>

When you buy a ticket, you're basically voting for whatever you see. ---->>>

As an actor, you've worked very hard, and you've been doing this for 20-some years, and William Morris was never interested - or any studio, either - in your company or as an actor, and then 'God's Not Dead' happens, and now everyone calls you. ---->>>

'Evening Shade' was such an eye-opening experience. I was 19 when I went on that show. I had barely had an acting class. So as Burt Reynolds continued to bring me back for the next three years, I learned so much from him and all the other legends that were on the show. ---->>>

I became a Christian at age 4. I turned from my wicked ways and decided to walk the straight and narrow - but seriously, I actually remember coming to the Lord then and starting my long walk with Him. ---->>>

It's important for us to certainly cast some Christian actors who can speak to our audience when we market the films, but obviously we don't discriminate. So our crew and our cast, the beliefs don't really matter. ---->>>

My parents... has always wanted all their kids to go to at least one year of Bible college after high school. I always knew that I was on my way to Moody Bible Institute when I graduated high school. ---->>>

Pure Flix makes evangelistic films, but we also make family films. I think the viewer wants to see quality entertainment that the whole family can watch, and many nonbelievers watch our films because they can watch with their family and young kids. ---->>>

The majority of the time, we try to hire the best people that we can get just to make the best films, and I think that's something that Pure Flix has been known for the movies we produce on the budgets that we do... our production values have elevated this genre. ---->>>

The nice thing about building up your own studio is if Hollywood decides to hate faith-based films, it doesn't matter to us. We have an audience and continue to serve that audience. ---->>>

We created Pure Flix to make uplifting and inspiring content on a consistent, ongoing basis, so audiences would truly have an alternative to what Hollywood puts out. Pure Flix produces faith and family films, so the audience is the entire family. ---->>>

We have anticipated releasing the trailer for 'Do You Believe?' to audiences, as so many have been looking forward to this project as the follow up release to 'God's Not Dead.' ---->>>

You make a product, and you put it out, and you do it with as much excellence and also wisdom as possible, and then it's the Lord that drives it and determines where it will go. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 05-12, 1970
Occupation: Actor