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Being heard is so close to being loved that for the average person they are almost indistinguishable. ---->>>

Ontologically, chocolate raises profoundly disturbing questions: Does not chocolate offer natural revelation of the goodness of the Creator just as chilies disclose a divine sense of humor? Is the human born with an innate longing for chocolate? Does the notion of chocolate preclude the concept of free will? ---->>>

Individualism. Narcissism. Value-free choices. These are all key elements in the decline of the practice of mutual accountability in Western churches, among clergy and laity alike. ---->>>

A group is as healthy as its 'social contract' is clear; a congregation as faithful as its covenant is mutually understood; a pastor as effective as the pastor's and people's commitment to trust and integrity is honored, guarded, and fulfilled. ---->>>

Theologically, the creation of chocolate demonstrates both the unity and the diversity of humanity. Wherever you taste it, in every country of the world, it is immediately recognizable. Other things, in every cuisine, are just food, but chocolate is chocolate. ---->>>

Wherever chocolate is made, chocolate is chocolate. And any month that contains the letter a, e, i, o, or u is the proper time to share it with others. ---->>>

The book of the Psalms, which is the primary devotional literature of the whole Bible, is full of complaints. ---->>>

If chocolate is a foretaste of heaven, what does it mean that chocolate is freely available to all? ---->>>


Nationality: American
Occupation: Author

David W. Augsburger is an American Anabaptist author with a Ph.D. from Claremont School of Theology and a BA and BD from Eastern Mennonite College and Eastern Mennonite Seminary respectively. He is one of six children, Fred, Donald, Anna Mary, Daniel and Myron, born to Clarence and Estella Augsburger (wikipedia)