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I am a believer in Adam Smith, who says that if you look at something that really contributes value to society, and you can deliver it at a reasonable price, then society will recognise that at some point because rational behaviour will come into play. ---->>>

I tend to look at potential investments from the standpoint of whether it is a valuable contribution to society. ---->>>

I must admit that I don't really understand social networking models that well, and I haven't tried to because I have just not been enthused about this whole thing. ---->>>

There is something about military history that fascinates me. You find that many battles have been lost by people with very good military background when they fought battles in a battleground they didn't understand. I have seen that in business, too. You have to look at a marketplace like a battle-ground. ---->>>


Nationality: Canadian
Born: 03-29, 1951
Birthplace: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Occupation: Businessman

David Ross Cheriton (born March 29, 1951) is a Canadian computer scientist, mathematician, businessman, philanthropist, and venture capitalist. He is a computer science professor at Stanford University, where he founded and heads up the Distributed Systems Group. He is a distributed systems and networking expert with keen insight into identifying big market opportunities and building the architectures needed to address these opportunities (wikipedia)