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If the facts are contrary to any predictions, then the hypothesis is wrong no matter how appealing. ---->>>

It is absolutely essential that one should be neutral and not fall in love with the hypothesis. ---->>>

One finds the truth by making a hypothesis and comparing observations with the hypothesis. ---->>>

Truth in science is always determined from observational facts. ---->>>

Indeed, scientific truth by consensus has had a uniformly bad history. ---->>>

As a physicist, I can state that none of the 18 physicists who signed the Statement works in this field; nor to my knowledge has ever published a paper on this subject. ---->>>

However, the models also predict unambiguously that the atmosphere is warming faster than the surface of the earth; but all the available observational data unambiguously shows the opposite! ---->>>

It is disappointing and embarrassing to the science profession that some Nobel Laureates would deliberately use their well deserved scientific reputations and hold themselves out as experts in other fields. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 06-11, 2017
Occupation: Physicist

David H. Douglass (born 1932) is an American physicist at the University of Rochester.(wikipedia)