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My granddad always said he wanted to make me an England player. As soon as I went on to that pitch against Portugal, I knew he could die a happy man because he'd achieved his aim in life. ---->>>

You cannot just switch football on and off; it's intense. There were times when I probably shouldn't have got involved in certain things and said certain things, but you feel that sometimes you have to stand up for what you believe. Maybe the supporters looked to me to stand up as well. ---->>>

I've always thought that having an attractive free agent is better than a guy who was picked in the seventh round. ---->>>

When I'm out for a walk or out shopping, then I'll probably have 20 different conversations a day with people about Blackburn Rovers. You can't really escape from it. I am still really proud to come from Blackburn. It is a place I still hold very dear to my heart, which is why I want to stay here. ---->>>


Nationality: English
Born: 12-27, 1979
Occupation: Athlete

David John Ian Dunn (born 27 December 1979) is an English former professional footballer who played as an attacking midfielder. He spent the majority of his career playing for Blackburn Rovers. Following a short-lived player-manager spell at League One club Oldham Athletic, Dunn returned to Blackburn Rovers in February 2016 working alongside former teammate Damien Johnson as Under 23s Assistant Coach (wikipedia)