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Plays are always about intense relationships, whether they're intense love relationships or family relationships or existential relationships. ---->>>

With my plays, when the lights go down, at least the audience isn't thinking, 'Oh, God, two more hours of this.' ---->>>

Verse comedy is interesting to me because of the challenge of writing in rhymed couplets, which is not a form that's usually amenable to English, yet to me it gives great possibility for comedy. ---->>>

Lists are anti-democratic, discriminatory, elitist, and sometimes the print is too small. ---->>>

Writing a play, you start with less, so more is demanded of you. It's as if you have to not only write a symphony, but invent the instruments as well. ---->>>

Necessarily, I'm always involved in casting, as any playwright is, because the whole process of putting on a play is a collaborative, organic effort on the part of a bunch of people trying to think alike. ---->>>

I admire pop songs that are perfect at three minutes. ---->>>

I think everything should be in verse. 'The New York Times' should be in verse. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 06-21, 2015
Occupation: Playwright

David Ives (born July 11, 1950) is an American playwright, screenwriter, and novelist. He is perhaps best known for his comic one-act plays; the New York Times in 1997 referred to him as the "maestro of the short form". Ives has also written dramatic plays, narrative stories, and screenplays, has adapted French 17th and 18th-century classical comedies, and adapted 33 musicals for New York City's Encores! series (wikipedia)