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Churchill was one of the few men I have met who even in the flesh give me the impression of genius. George Bernard Shaw is another. It is amusing to know that each thinks the other is overrated. ---->>>

Here lies a nuisance dedicated to sanity. ---->>>

Making a cartoon occupied usually about three full days, two spent in labour and one in removing the appearance of labour. ---->>>

Some critics of my work took the view that a satirist should defer to the finer feelings of his readers and respect widely held beliefs. ---->>>


Name: David Low
Nationality: British
Born: April 7, 1891
Birthplace: Dunedin, New Zealand
Die: 09-19, 1963
Occupation: Cartoonist

Sir David Alexander Cecil Low (7 April 1891 – 19 September 1963) was a New Zealand political cartoonist and caricaturist who lived and worked in the United Kingdom for many years. Low was a self-taught cartoonist. Born in New Zealand, he worked in his native country before migrating to Sydney in 1911, and ultimately to London (1919), where he made his career and earned fame for his Colonel Blimp depictions and his merciless satirising of the personalities and policies of German dictator Adolf Hitler, Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, and other leaders of his times (wikipedia)