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At Marvel, I was lucky enough to work with really talented people, but I always had this nagging thought: 'One day I'll write my own stories.' ---->>>

I remember that Charles Schulz, at the end of his life, had eyes full of tears for Charlie Brown. I thought about the reason for all his emotion: he had lived for 50 years with them. ---->>>

When I was a young artist, I liked and was interested in belonging to the mainstream comics group. I didn't introduce myself as an author, but only as a designer. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 09-21, 1960
Occupation: Artist

David John Mazzucchelli (born September 21, 1960) is an American comics artist and writer, known for his work on seminal superhero comic book storylines Daredevil: Born Again and Batman: Year One, as well as for graphic novels in other genres, such as Asterios Polyp and City of Glass: The Graphic Novel (wikipedia)