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I've learned never to count Vin Diesel out. Just don't do that. And I guess it's because he is a very smart guy. Smarter than people give him credit for. ---->>>

In all my science fiction movies, I try to blend the familiar with the futuristic so as not to be too off-putting to the audience. There is always something familiar they can grab onto. ---->>>

After I script the movie, I have to storyboard it out, I have to budget it, and I have to understand if I can afford all those visual effects or not. ---->>>

There's so much diversity of opinion out there, so ultimately you have to listen to it, put it aside, and make what you want to make. ---->>>

When you do a studio picture, all the paperwork and legal stuff is already taken care of! ---->>>

You do need to edit yourself as you shoot because you have fewer options in a smaller movie. In other words, when I'm shooting a big movie, and I got an 85 day shooting schedule or more, then I'm saying I have enough time to shoot option A and B and C and D for every scene. ---->>>

To come up short when you reach too far is not such a bad thing rather than not to reach at all, right? ---->>>

With an independent movie, it's like, 'Okay I know what I want, and I got to go for it.' I just got to get the A version of this. Occasionally we'll try a B version, but not often. We'll just get what's scripted and try to do that as best we can, so you sort of edit while you shoot an independent movie. ---->>>

You do a drama, and you are limited by the rules of reality, and in science fiction, you create your own reality. Some people find that daunting; I find it challenging. ---->>>

I went to Long Beach State, started out as an actor. ---->>>

I'm always coming back with too much footage. Most filmmakers do, but I'm always surprised that it keeps happening to me. ---->>>

Sometimes, if you leave yourself open, an actor can bring nice nuances to a character. ---->>>

There are trappings of science fiction which I kind of embrace, but there are also cliches which I run from. ---->>>

My hands are already full writing and directing, because that's a full time job. Actually, that's why I don't produce as well, as there's already enough producers. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 10-18, 1955
Birthplace: Los Angeles County, California, U.S.
Occupation: Director

David Neil Twohy ( TOO-ee; born October 18, 1955) is an American film director and screenwriter.(wikipedia)