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I am my own main rival. ---->>>

When I'm in good form there are chances that rivals will worry more about you more than you about them. ---->>>

I'm continuing to prepare very well because I have my responsibility and my (pride) as a man and an athlete. ---->>>

I'm looking to get in the best shape possible for London and not worrying about rivals. ---->>>

I am very fired up to run in New York. ---->>>

The objective is to do things well in London. ---->>>

The Olympic games are already there and we don't have even half of what you need to train well. ---->>>

This is the home of hurdling, and the Americans are the kings of the event. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 11-19, 1986
Birthplace: Guantánamo, Cuba
Occupation: Athlete

Dayron Robles (born 19 November 1986) is a Cuban track and field athlete who specialises in the 110 metre hurdles. He won his first major medal (a silver) in the 60 metres hurdles at the 2006 World Indoor Championships. He finished the 2006 season having improved his outdoor best to 13 seconds and become the Central American and Caribbean Games champion (wikipedia)