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I always had a weight thing and felt bad about it, but in New Jersey, I felt like I got attention, and even when I felt bad or chubby, I didn't feel like I a freak. ---->>>

I've been telling people 'I'm going to go to California, and I'm going to be a big star' since the womb, but lately it was immediately followed by, 'Would you like soup or salad with that?' ---->>>

It's really important for me to have Italian-Americans and Jersey in a positive light. ---->>>

Doing 'Veronica Mars,' Rob Thomas is a genius. He's one of my best friends. I had this feeling like I couldn't write anything other than my stuff in Jersey and what we were talking about, like that little world, like if I can throw my Aunt Janice into it, I'm cool, but otherwise I'm screwed. ---->>>

That's like one of the things - you know, being a writer, it's not just like they're constantly like giving you jobs and shows. There was some lean years, man, and - well, a lean year and a half. 'Woe is me.' Right? ---->>>


Diane Ruggiero profile (diane-ruggiero.jpg)
Nationality: American
Born: 1970-12-03
Birthplace: Old Bridge, New Jersey, United States
Occupation: Writer

Diane Ruggiero-Wright /ˈruːʒɪəroʊ/ is an American television writer and producer. Her credits include That's Life, Veronica Mars, Free Agents, Dirty Sexy Money, Big Shots, the Mythological X remake The Ex List and iZombie, which she co-created with Rob Thomas. With Thomas, she also co-wrote the script for the Veronica Mars film (wikipedia)