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We see parts of each other, and we put them together. But if I want to see you in totality, you need to move away; we need space between us. Across the street ,I can see all of you at once, but then I also see this huge vista of space surrounding you, coming in and compressing you. ---->>>

Yes, people do come across the street to say hi, but as they approach and get near, my perception of space begins to dissolve, and a new interest takes over that is primarily emotional, and with it comes a desire to touch, which may be a human interest, but not the interest of my work. ---->>>


Diego Giacometti profile (diego-giacometti.JPG)
Nationality: Swiss
Born: 11-15, 1902
Die: 07-15, 1985
Occupation: Sculptor

Diego Giacometti (15 November 1902 – 15 July 1985) was a Swiss sculptor and designer, and the younger brother of the sculptor Alberto Giacometti.(wikipedia)