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For me, the path of failure exceeded by far the joys of success. My plight was hopeless. ---->>>

My father was this famous heart surgeon, a wonderful man... but there was something about me that drove him crazy. ---->>>

I made no pretense of doing balanced reporting about murder. I was appalled by defense attorneys who would do anything to win an acquittal for a guilty person. ---->>>

When you're down and out, there's no meaner place to live than Hollywood. You can get away with your embezzlements and your lies and your murders, but you can never get away with failing. ---->>>

For my type of story and my kind of writing, I think 'Vanity Fair' is the right forum. ---->>>

I always love going back to Los Angeles, because it was my home for 24 years, and I have many friends there. ---->>>

I don't understand all about New York society. It's only when they are in trouble that I'm really interested. ---->>>

I had never attended a trial until my daughter's murder trial. What I witnessed in that courtroom enraged and redirected me. ---->>>

I think I need pictures with my articles. ---->>>

Within me, I knew I would never be a first-rate producer. I wasn't tough enough. ---->>>

You write about what you have access to, and I have been fortunate enough to have a front-row seat on the rich and powerful my entire life. ---->>>

I've lived this very dramatic life, with high points and terrible low points. Nothing has been ordinary, and I want to have the experience of the last breath. I want a little drama to it. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 10-29, 1925
Birthplace: Hartford, Connecticut, U.S.
Die: 08-26, 2009
Occupation: Journalist

Dominick John Dunne (October 29, 1925 – August 26, 2009) was an American producer, writer and investigative journalist. He began his career as a producer in film and television, noted for involvement with the pioneering gay film The Boys in the Band (1970) and the award winning drug film Panic in Needle Park (1971) (wikipedia)