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I used slam dunking as a tool for intimidation. ---->>>

I wouldn't say there is one guy that I would say patterns himself after me. ---->>>

You are only as good as your team. ---->>>

Charles and I go back since college. None of us thought this would happen, we just wanted to play basketball. This is the highest honor that can ever be paid, and it's mind-blowing. ---->>>

I was an all-around player - if I was just a scorer, there's no way the Hawks would have won 50 games four years in a row. ---->>>

People came to the All-Star Game to see the dunk contest. ---->>>

I think it goes hand in hand because if you discipline yourself on the floor, as you become an older player or a more seasoned individual, it adds structure in your life. ---->>>

Like I said, when you have to play against a great player every night, that defines who you are if you can compete on that same level night in and night out. ---->>>

As long as they are medicated the right way with the asthma medicine they won't have any problems. ---->>>

Asthma research is a lot better and new medicines are always coming out to help young people. ---->>>

The 50 greatest players don't matter when you're in the Hall of Fame. We all know that I was not one of the 50 greatest, I was one of the 25 greatest - in my mind. ---->>>

I am diabetic. ---->>>

I only dunked maybe twice a game on average. ---->>>

Nate Robinson has a lot of jumping ability, but I don't see Josh losing. ---->>>

Michael was a rare breed. There's no question about that. He did things that a lot of players could never do, and still to this day players can't do those things, so the honors that he's had are definitely deserved. ---->>>

But I think role models also start in the home with your parents. ---->>>


Nationality: French
Born: 01-12, 1960
Occupation: Athlete