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To come up with the ending to a story and then work backwards is like tying your shoe with one hand only. ---->>>

I do not write by any set time schedule. I realize there are many writers who follow a daily regime where they arise at 6:00 a.m., do some sort of exercise, eat breakfast and then sit down and produce words for a three to four hour period. ---->>>

I write when the urge hits me, getting the words down as fast as I can type and then I step back from what I just wrote and start a dialectical process where I begin challenging my own writing. ---->>>

I've been a writer for 42 years and, yes, it is a full time job for me. Not a hobby, but serious work. ---->>>

My first novel took 12 years to complete because life got in my way. ---->>>

Write in a disciplined manner, but write in a way that is natural to the individual's thought processes. ---->>>


Donald McKay profile (donald-mckay.jpg)
Nationality: Canadian
Born: 06-21, 2015
Birthplace: Jordon Falls, Shelburne County, Nova Scotia, Canada
Die: 1880
Occupation: Designer

Donald McKay (September 4, 1810 – September 20, 1880) was a Canadian-born American designer and builder of sailing ships. He was born in Jordan Falls, Shelburne County on Nova Scotia's South Shore. In 1826 he moved to New York, working for shipbuilders Brown & Bell and Isaac Webb. In 1841, he opened his first yard in Newburyport and moved to East Boston in 1845, building substantial packet ships for the Atlantic emigrant route (wikipedia)