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Anybody who says they don't like fighting in the NHL have to be out of their minds. ---->>>

The greatest hockey player who ever lived: Bobby Orr, and I love him. ---->>>

I think I'm a good Canadian, but I'm not the greatest Canadian. ---->>>


Donald Stewart Cherry profile (donald-stewart-cherry.jpg)
Nationality: Canadian
Born: 02-05, 1934
Occupation: Journalist

Donald Stewart "Don" Cherry (born February 5, 1934) is a Canadian ice hockey commentator for CBC Television. He is a sports writer, as well as a retired professional hockey player and NHL coach. Cherry co-hosts the "Coach's Corner" intermission segment (with Ron MacLean) on the long-running Canadian sports program Hockey Night in Canada, and has also worked for ESPN in the United States as a commentator during the latter stages of the Stanley Cup playoffs (wikipedia)