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With me, it was just a job. I never had stars in my eyes about the theatre. ---->>>

Florenz Ziegfeld, to us and our family, was just a delightful person. My sisters, Mary and Pearl, my brother Charlie and I all worked for him, and he treated us just beautifully, almost like a father. When I went with my mother up to his office, he was always gentlemanly and kindly. He was sort of a quiet person. ---->>>

I was thrilled to be rehired for the 1919 'Follies.' Mr. Ziegfeld himself hired me. To me, that particular 'Follies' was his greatest 'Follies' of all - not because I was in the show, but because of the great cast and memorable music. ---->>>


Doris Eaton Travis profile (doris-eaton-travis.jpg)
Nationality: American
Born: 03-14, 1904
Birthplace: Norfolk, Virginia, U.S.
Die: 05-11, 2010
Occupation: Dancer

Doris Eaton Travis (March 14, 1904 – May 11, 2010) was an American dancer, stage and film actress, dance instructor, writer, and rancher, who was the last of the acclaimed Ziegfeld girls. She began performing onstage as a young child, and made her Broadway debut at the age of 13. A year later, in 1918, she joined the famed Ziegfeld Follies as the youngest Ziegfeld girl ever cast in the show (wikipedia)