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When you ran out the tunnel at the old Easter Road for a derby game, you'd get a spittal right on the back of your head. They were spitting on you as you ran out, which actually helped get you going. It was some place. ---->>>

I didn't want to be one of those ex-pros, aye hanging around. I think that's wrong. ---->>>

At school, myself and some pals, all football-daft, divided up the old English First Division and wrote off to half a dozen clubs each asking for a trial. ---->>>

Football ruled my life for years, morning, noon and night. ---->>>

I wasn't concerned with the money stuff; I only wanted to play football. ---->>>

People could see by your actions on the park that you cared about it. If we got beat, I'd fling the Sunday papers in the bin and wouldn't read them. ---->>>

Hearts was the pinnacle of my career. After I left, it really was downhill. Hearts is the club I always associate myself with, and I'm proud to have played for them. ---->>>

I played for a lot of teams in my career, and I check all their results every Saturday, or at least the ones who haven't gone bust. But it's always Hearts first. They're the club who've really seeped into me. ---->>>


Nationality: Scottish
Born: 12-08, 1947
Occupation: Athlete

Andrew Douglas "Drew" Busby (born 8 December 1947 in Glasgow) is a former Scottish footballer who played for Third Lanark, Airdrieonians, Hearts, Toronto Blizzard and Morton. Busby also served Queen of the South as their player-manager.(wikipedia)