Dwight Henry short quotes

Baking is my business, and it will always come first.

Baking is my business, and it will always come first.

Music knits people together in some strange way. Same thing with food. ---->>>

They say I'm a natural, I have natural charisma. People say that. I don't know. ---->>>

I have four boys and one girl. My daughter is my only little girl and I just love her to death. I can't even fix my mouth to tell her 'no' for anything. ---->>>

I constantly worry about my family and my kids. 'Are they O.K., what are they doing right now?' ---->>>

I love California. I love Hollywood. ---->>>

I'm not the Hollywood type. I'm not going to pack up my bags and let me move to Hollywood and stuff like that. ---->>>

I've been through a lot of struggles. ---->>>

Living on the Gulf Coast, we often have to go through dangerous situations, whether you're a child, an adult or a senior citizen. ---->>>

When you're six years old, you don't look at things the way an adult looks at things. ---->>>

You never know when you're going to get an opportunity. ---->>>

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