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America faces a new race that has awakened. ---->>>

Education in the past has been too much inspiration and too little information. ---->>>

The closer a Negro got to the ballot box, the more he looked like a rapist. ---->>>

Educational institutes can no longer be prizes in church politics or furnish berths for failure in other walks of life. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: September 24, 1894
Die: 05-17, 1962
Occupation: Sociologist

Edward Franklin Frazier (/ˈfreɪʒər/; September 24, 1894 – May 17, 1962), was an American sociologist and author, publishing as E. Franklin Frazier. His 1932 Ph.D. dissertation was published as a book titled The Negro Family in the United States (1939); it analyzed the historical forces that influenced the development of the African-American family from the time of slavery to the mid-1930s (wikipedia)