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Sometimes my quotes may be too colorful. ---->>>

I understood public relations and always maintained a high profile. ---->>>

I was a stubborn cuss, and I made some mistakes. ---->>>

Nixon was kind of a loner, he had a cold personality. ---->>>

No, I try not to be a negative thinker. ---->>>

But you've got to make choices, and you're not going to be right all the time. ---->>>

While he was president, it was popular to be a Nixon hater. ---->>>

Ford was warm and friendly. He wouldn't embarrass a Cabinet member. ---->>>

I challenged things that needed to be challenged at Purdue. ---->>>

Teaching was the most pleasant thing I did. ---->>>

The difference was you worked for Nixon, and with Ford. ---->>>

I made lots of talks and challenged lots of people. ---->>>


Name: Earl Butz
Nationality: American
Born: 07-03, 1909
Die: 02-02, 2008
Occupation: Public Servant