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Winning the Stanley Cup in '99 was a dream come true. I'll never forget it. ---->>>

I have been dealing with back problems since 1995 when I was with the Blackhawks, and I've only missed part of one season because of it. That was last season in Toronto. ---->>>

One minute you're a slug and the next minute you're a hero, so you don't know what to think. ---->>>

I've learned not to be as maniacal as I used to be. ---->>>

I love proving people wrong. ---->>>

I'm competitive. I'd love another chance to be part of a Stanley Cup championship team. That'd be awesome. ---->>>

Sometimes I can be misunderstood. I'm really competitive. ---->>>

I hate to lose. Sometimes, I let my emotions get out of control. ---->>>

I've been real fortunate to be on a lot of great teams. ---->>>

Sometimes you can press a little bit and you're trying to do too much and you're trying too hard. You want to win so bad and you want to help the team so badly that you end up trying too much instead of letting the play come to you. ---->>>

There are a lot more shots coming at the net and guys are just shooting it at the net because they have more time and pucks are going in off legs and feet and shoulders and heads, so you might have to play out a little further on the shot and hope it hits you. ---->>>

It takes two guys on a team to do very well in the end and be successful. ---->>>

It's always discouraging when you don't have things go your way. They are frustrated just like the rest of us. ---->>>

My whole career I'm used to playing a lot of games. ---->>>

I just have a lot of respect for Terry and his family. He played without a mask, and his life was tragically ended. And it just means a lot to me to be up there with him and the other greats that have played that long. ---->>>

I think everybody has to be better, right from me out. Everybody has to step up their games for us to be successful here. I've been lucky to be on some good teams over the years and that's what it takes, everybody contributing night after night. ---->>>

When one guy undermines the other, it only causes trouble, and the team isn't successful. It's very important for both of us to accept our role and help the team. One guy can get hot, and if that's Alex, I'll support him and help any way I can. ---->>>


Nationality: Canadian
Born: 04-21, 1965
Occupation: Athlete

Edward John Belfour (born April 21, 1965) is a Canadian former professional ice hockey goaltender. Belfour was born in Carman, Manitoba and grew up playing hockey. He played junior hockey for the Winkler Flyers before going to the University of North Dakota where he helped the school win the NCAA championship in the 1986–87 season (wikipedia)