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War, we are told, shapes character; it resolves the major questions of international politics, consolidates nations, and indeed, constitutes the principal factor in the progress of civilization through its successive stages. ---->>>

Wars, however frequent and destructive they may be, have never been able to kill entirely the intellectual and moral sense which raises man above the beast. ---->>>

Let no one refer to the sword of Napoleon I as the instrument of progress and civilization! ---->>>

I leave to the militarists the difficult task of trying to explain to us how these wars have served to shape character or to promote the progress of civilization or to achieve the reign of justice on earth. So far, they have not come forward with the explanation. ---->>>


Elie Ducommun profile (elie-ducommun.jpg)
Nationality: Swiss
Born: February 19, 1833
Die: 12-07, 1906
Occupation: Activist

Élie Ducommun (19 February 1833, Geneva – 7 December 1906, Bern) was a peace activist. He is a winner of the 1902 Nobel Peace Prize, which he shared with Charles Albert Gobat. Born in Geneva, he worked as a tutor, language teacher, journalist and a translator for the Swiss federal Chancellery (1869–1873) (wikipedia)