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I liken myself to someone who built the house he will live in one day and is preparing to furnish it. ---->>>

I traced the path I walk today and my goals are many. I think that I'm achieving my goals. ---->>>

Worldwide is an overused word. But it's true that being known has given me new ideas and a chance to get to know new people who think in different ways. I want to hear myself referred to as Elie Saab, without labels or titles. ---->>>

If I hadn't been a determined person I wouldn't have succeeded in life. ---->>>

My personality resembles my designs to a large extent. I'm in sync with myself and I'm transparent, just like my designs. ---->>>


Name: Elie Saab
Nationality: Lebanese
Born: 07-04, 1964
Birthplace: Damour, Lebanon
Occupation: Designer

Elie Saab (Arabic: إيلي صعب) (born 4 July 1964) is a Lebanese fashion designer. His main workshop is in Lebanon, with additional workshops in Milan and Paris. His first atelier in the early 1980s specialized in bridal couture, using expensive fabrics, lace, detailed embroidery, pearls, crystals and silk threads (wikipedia)