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You have a mind. And you have other people. Start with those, and change the world. ---->>>

History provides a laboratory in which we see played out the actual, as well as the intended, consequences of ideas. ---->>>

The problem is there is no such thing as a viable democracy made up of experts, zealots, politicians and spectators. ---->>>

The values and voices of democracy are silent. Either we have lost touch with those values or, no better, believe they need not or cannot be taught. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Occupation: Educator

Elizabeth Coleman (born 1937) was the ninth president of Bennington College from 1987 to 2013. Following her graduation with honors from the University of Chicago, where she was a Ford Foundation Scholar, she completed her master's degree in English and American Literature at Cornell University, where she was a Woodrow Wilson Fellow (wikipedia)